Per aspera ad astra - rzecz o odpowiedzialności wobec uniwersytetu

A debate about contemporary university is carried out on quite a few different levels and covers the following areas: idea of university, its autonomy, its adaptation (usefulness) to the labor market. The contemporary university is considered much more as pedagogical institution than research unit. The implemented reform of higher education system left many problems unregulated. The author presents the following: 1) an academic staff employment (work for more academic institution), 2) a relation between autonomy of the university and National Qualifications Framework, 3) research which has to be carried out on the imposed topics and commercialization of research results, 4) stability of academic human resources. Responsibility to the university cannot be designed and stimulated only by the law. The author suggests to return to the model of élite university which guarantees high quality of teaching.
Dariusz Kulas, Per aspera ad astra - rzecz o odpowiedzialności wobec uniwersytetu, "Anthropos?" 2012, nr 18-19
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