Uzależnienie „ekranowe” jako współczesne zagrożenie dla rodziny

The technique is based on different principles than the Nature is. It may complement or assist the Nature but it cannot replace it without reducing the richness of the phenomenon of life. Similar restrictions apply to the contact with people. Psychologists claim that the number of people with whom a person is able to establish a real relationship, is limited to 150 persons. Excess of contacts leads to superficiality and temporariness. The discovery that life partner or family members are involved in compulsive or inappropriate online erotic behavior causes a shock. Partners are then in a very difficult position, they don’t know how to behave, what method of operation to adopt. The most common reactions include: attempt to take responsibility of the loved ones, attempts “to deserve the love”, pushing their own needs on the back burner of their interests, strong emotional attachment to a partner with exclusion of admitting the existence of the disease, loss of self-identity and lack of perception of own feelings and needs. All of these indicate the existence of so-called codependency to your partner. In fact the addiction affects not just one person, but the functioning of the entire family
Zwoliński A., Uzależnienie „ekranowe” jako współczesne zagrożenie dla rodziny, LABOR et EDUCATIO 2014, nr 2, s.247-270.
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