Rodzina w procesie wsparcia społecznego i zawodowego osoby niepełnosprawnej

Without prejudice to numerous institutions organized in the best possible way, nothing affect interpersonal relations as much as individual, empathic and intimate contact with other human being does. The greatest help in case of any challenge is the support of another person followed by an institution. The similar thesis was put forward but A. Zurek who claimed that people comprise the most important link in the process or rehabilitation, both those who provide care and those who receive it. When people face the fact of disability so called first circle of support seems to play a major role in dealing with the experience. Its purpose is to provide specific type of support aimed at creating measures to overcome negative consequences of the disability. Social support includes care, trust, respect (emotional support), expressing acceptance, encouragement and understanding. The purpose of this article is to show the importance of human assistance as a crucial component of social and proffessional rehabilitation of people with disabilities.
Zielińska-Król K., Rodzina w procesie wsparcia społecznego i zawodowego osoby niepełnosprawnej, LABOR et EDUCATIO 2014, nr 2, s.79-89.
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