The Issue of media studies methodology

This chapter is a response to the full of inspiring reflections in the review of a book published in 2009 –Methods of analyzing image in mass media (ed. T. Gackowski, M. Łączyński), wrote by prof. Wiesław Sonczyk (Method of analysis content and media image study, "Media Studies" 2009, No. 3). The text presents several demands of methodological research in the field of media studies, supported by the results of a research on the image of Ryszard Krauze on the pages of nationwide newspapers from July to September 2007. The author hopes that the thesis contained in the article will be an impulse to start a discussion on the methodology of media studies research.
Gackowski T., The Issue of Media Studies Research Methodology, [in:] Media Studies in Poland at the Turn of the Century, Ł. Szurmiński, (ed.), Vol I, Wydawnictwo Skorpion, Warsaw 2011, s. 173-198;