Time in the Recruiting Search Process by Headhunting Companies

This chapter presents a reconstruction of conditions for effective work by professional recruiters. These include the internal circumstances for recruitment searching work, as well as organizational, interactional, market and cultural conditions of this work. Reconstruction of those conditions has involved use of two grounded theory conceptions. One of that of a “conditional matrix”, and the other was that of a basic “paradigm.” These conceptions are very useful for generating a grounded theory, because they reveal connections between working time and different conditions (and their permutations). This reconstruction of conditions also has practical implications because it gives knowledge about conditions that should taken into account when planning recruitment work, thus helping to prepare recruiters for difficult work conditions that might influence coordination of their work and their interaction with clients and potential employees.
Konecki Krzysztof (1997) Time in the Recruiting Search Process by Headhunting Companies, chapter in the book: Grounded Theory in Practice, eds. A. Strauss, Juliet Corbin, Thousand Oaks: Sage.