Technology Assessment in Construction Sector as a Strategy towards Sustainability

The purpose of the article is to present and discuss the concept of Technology Assessment with a special focus on the construction sector and its relation to the notion of sustainability. Technology Assessment is seen in the scientific literature as a powerful strategy of generating the appropriate technologies necessary to achieve sustainable development. It provides information and knowledge on technical systems and their connections with the economic, social, political and environmental implications. Such knowledge is crucial in the evaluation of the existing and new technologies within decision support systems and policy intelligence processes. The paper proposes the principles, stages and methods of Technology Assessment applicable in the process of achieving the sustainability of the construction sector.
Operational Research in Sustainable Development and Civil Engineering - meeting of EURO working group and 15th German-Lithuanian-Polish colloquium (ORSDCE 2015)
L. Nazarko, Technology Assessment in Construction Sector as a Strateg towards Sustainability, Procedia Engineering, 2015 Vol. 122, s. 290-295
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