Innovative Research Projects in the Field of Building Lifecycle Management

In the era of the great development of information technologies and telecommunications, a natural need to develop and implement a unified system of digital building information modelling has arisen. The rapid development of design technology in the field of architecture, engineering and construction leads to the continuous adaptation of the conceptual apparatus for building information modelling (BIM). BIM technology adopts a new definition as a universal tool for describing various elements of intelligent virtual 3D model of a building combining a series of sequential steps related to the investment, such as requirements of design, construction, operation and demolition optimizations and preparations. In the paper, the authors propose directions of research in the field of BLM (Building Lifecycle Management).
Operational Research in Sustainable Development and Civil Engineering - meeting of EURO working group and 15th German-Lithuanian-Polish colloquium (ORSDCE 2015)
L. Ustinovičius, , R. Rasiulis, L. Nazarko, T. Vilutienė, M. Reizgevicius, Innovative Research Projects in the Field of Building Lifecycle Management, Procedia Engineering 2015 Vol. 122, s. 166–171
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