Ewolucja wizerunku zombie w grach wideo

The video games industry has been successfully using the image of the zombie for dec-ades. Since the first game released in 1984, the zombie-slaying theme has appeared in more than 100 video games and still remains popular. In-game realities, characters and zombies have been portrayed with ever more precision and detail over the years. Video games are not the first medium in which zombies have appeared, thus an in-game zom-bie image often refers to other cultural works. Video games generally portray zombies as brainless, slow creatures whose sole purpose is to bite or eat the player. However, there are productions attempting to “warm up” the image of zombies. The animated presentation of amusing zombies fighting with plants gained great popularity among users of mobile devices, computers and video game consoles. In the chapter Evolution of the Image of the Zombie in Video Games, Bartosz Mazurkiewicz looks more closely at the evolution of zombie-themed games in order to distinguish the characteristics of the entire genre and examine which of those games inspired other productions.