Archeologia zombie – najstarsze niefilmowe teksty kultury z nieumarłymi

The chapter Zombie Archaeology—The Eldest Non-Film Texts of Culture Featuring the Undead by Michał Kułakowski presents the oldest non-movie cultural texts fea-turing the mention of zombies. The author introduces the 16th-Century novel Le Zombi du Grand Perou ou la Comtesse de Cocagne. This description is followed by a few historical and anthropological scientific texts from the 18th and 19th Centuries that focus mainly on Caribbean and South American cultures. Moreover, the article provides an overview of press articles, travel books and theatrical plays from the Uni-ted States that refer to zombies in different contexts and situations. The article ends with a description of The Magic Island by William Buehler Seabrook, a book that contains the first description of a modern zombie. As all texts analysed in the article are presented with a comprehensive bibliographical, historical and cultural context, the article gives its readers a real insight into the study of the early portrayal of zombies in culture.