Kompetencje kadry zarządzającej w obiektach hotelarskich

Abstract The rat race to gain a larger clientele by hoteliers forces them to routinely improve the standards of their services. One way to do that is to have well a qualified staff at your hotel. If a hotel works like a well-oiled machine, it encourages guests to come back. The study aimed at evaluating the competency level of the managing staff in hotels. The questionnaire based on the Chung-Herra B.G., Enz C. A., Lankau M.J. model from the year 2003 was conducted among 21 people. Of the questioned, 61.9% comprised managers of major hotels and the remaining 38.1% were managers of inns as well as other tourist destinations in the Suwałki region. More than half of the staff managed their places of lodging for no longer than 10 years, whereas 37.4% of the questioned for around 5 years. The remaining 12.5% managed their hotels for a period more than 10 years. This study focused on a wide range of skill levels and the results of management competency showed that in the field of strategic management, the very good level was represented by 52.4% of the questioned. In the field of leadership, very good level was represented by 45.2%. If we look and self-management, 44.6% of those questioned was on a very good level. In the realm of social competency, the poll evaluated the following categories: customer service, interpersonal skills, good manners and communication skills. The amount of respondents on a very good level was as follows: 50.7%, 46.8% 39.7% and 39.0%, respectively. In regard to technical competency, the poll evaluated the following categories: critical thinking, implementation and familiarity with the line of business. The results of respondents earning a very good level were as follows: 45.6%, 41.7% and 40.5% respectively. The results of the questionnaire showed that the level of management competency is on a higher level than that of social or technical competence. We can conclude that a marked increase of competition among hotel owners in the Suwałki region would cause hotel staffs to raise their qualifications and what would follow, would be an equally marked increase in their competency levels in the aforementioned spheres.
Kozłowska D., Ryszkowski, W., Blaszko, M. (2013). Kompetencje kadry zarządzającej w obiektach hotelarskich. W: Kozłowska D., Sobolewski K. L. (red.) Ruch a Zdrowie. Wybrane Problemy. Monografia naukowa pod patronatem International Association of Sport Kinetics. Białystok: Dział Wydawnictw i Publikacji WSWFiT w Białymstoku
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