Studies on the Phase Space of Multiscale Seismicity

Sets of seismic events of different origin and different scale of the observed failure processes were analysed. The data sets, from micro-scale - seismoacoustic emission recorded from a rock sample under stress through coal-mining induced seismicity to macro-scale represented here by earthquakes caused by the Yake-dake volcano activity and San Andreas fault were studied to seek the deterministic chaos. The goal was to characterize the fracturing processes in terms of some chaotic parameters: the phase space and the dimension of the reconstructed attractor estimated for time-space distribution and energy distribution of the events. The calculated values were used to determine whether fracturing processes have similar features in different scales and on this basis to verify the usefulness of the applied data analysis methods for description of studied seismic processes, and finally to draw the conclusions about the time evolution of this systems.
Kortas, L., Mortimer, Z. (2004). Studies on the Phase Space of Multiscale Seismicity. Acta Geodynamica Geomateralia, 1 (133), 27-33.
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