Toward Sectoral Stakeholder Involvement in a pan-Baltic MSP Dialogue

Stakeholder involvement is commonly understood as a key principle in marine or maritime spatial planning (MSP). Little information is available, however, on how to organise stakeholder involvement at a transnational level and how to instigate an MSP dialogue within sea basins. This article reports on a study conducted as part of the PartiSEApate project (2012-2014) that focused on identifying relevant sectoral representatives and their willingness to become involved in a pan-Baltic MSP dialogue. Results show that sectors are variously organised at the trans boundary level and have differing views of MSP. Insufficient understanding of the potential benefits to be gained from MSP is revealed, especially the added benefits of a trans-boundary sectoral perspective for inclusion in MSP. The lack of suitable trans-boundary organisations and platforms makes organising a pan-Baltic MSP dialogue more difficult. Additional awareness-raising and a more coherent message on the purpose and application of MSP on the part of marine planners and stakeholders are needed.
Schultz-Zehden A., Gee K.: Toward Sectoral Stakeholder Involvement in a pan-Baltic MSP Dialogue; BMI 2015; 30(1): 139-149
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