Analiza kosztów systemu logistycznego w transporcie multimodalnym

The Author explained the concept of costs of logistics system and distinguished principal components of these costs. The mathematical model enabling calculation of total costs of logistics system was given as well. Afterwards the model was modified in purpose to meet requirements of multimodal logistics system. The new model allowed to make costs analysis of exemplary multimodal system and allowed to make choice of economically most effective technology of multimodal transport. There was proven that the most effective is block train operating on daily basis. Afterwards the calculations were done to explain the influence on the model of such parameters as: the value of cargo, the system’s safety level, the annual cargo turnover and the cost of storage. The calculations proved that costs of multimodal logistics system are the most sensitive to changes of the annual cargo turnover. The mutual relationship describes a decreasing function, that is an increase of the cargo turnover effects in a decrease of the costs of multimodal logistics system. The minimal level of these costs determines the sum of the costs of transport including stuffing the cargo and renting of a container. The analysis of sensitiveness of the model to changes of the value of cargo, the system’s safety level and the cost of storage proved moderate relationship described by increasing function. More sensitive reactions of the model can be expected in case of lengthening of the multimodal transport. Finally, the paper includes the Author’s conclusions relating to European logistics systems.
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