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Popularizing and Connecting Esports Research: Introduction to the Esports Minitrack
(2024-01-03) Siuda, Piotr; Behnke, Maciej; Hedlund, David P.; Kazimierz Wielki University; Adam Mickiewicz University; St. John’s University
Esports research is a burgeoning field, relatively new but growing rapidly, encompassing a wide range of interdisciplinary perspectives. For HICSS-57, we actively sought high-quality research, inclusive of different methodologies, that examines diverse aspects of esports. We received fifteen manuscripts across various disciplines and selected five for presentation and publication. The papers focused on the support for players’ health and duty of care offered by esports organizations (Hong), spectators’ toxic behaviors (Qian, Yu, Seifried, Martinez, Matz & Luo), the development of esports athletes and its comparison to traditional sports (Fisackerly & Hwang), satisfying the psychological need by playing virtual reality golf (Chen & Li), the role of arousal in Super Smash Bro tournament performance (Nolla, Beeman & Reber).
The Next Level of Horror Entertainment: Facing Fear in Cooperative Interactive Drama Survival Horror Games
(2024-01-03) Marak, Katarzyna; Markocki, Miłosz; Siuda, Piotr; Nicolaus Copernicus University; Kazimierz Wielki University
Horror entertainment continues to change, with horror games being another step in this evolution after literature and movies. The paper characterizes how the cooperative mode of Dark Pictures Anthology games influences the horror experience of players. The Anthology has been analyzed via a close reading of selected Let’s Play videos, with 42 complete playthroughs analyzed and 18 playlists sampled. The article demonstrates how scare tactics deployed by developers cause players to feel more discomfort compared to a single-player mode. The split perspective of co-op exacerbates stress, tension, and fear as these are being experienced regarding not only oneself but also the other player. Additionally, players’ meta-genre knowledge combines with cooperation, thus influencing decisions and, ultimately, the game experiences. All this means that the cooperative way of playing may be seen as yet another step in the horror entertainment evolution.
After the Attack: Introduction to the Cybercrime Minitrack
(2024-01-03) Siuda, Piotr; Harviainen, Tuomas J.; Hamari, Juho; Gehl, Robert W.; Kazimierz Wielki University; Tampere University; York University
At the HICSS-56 held in 2023, cybercrime was introduced as a multidisciplinary study area. Following a series of informative presentations, the Cybercrime minitrack returns in 2024 for HICSS-57, featuring a wealth of high-caliber research. In response to the call for papers, nine manuscripts from various disciplines were submitted and subjected to peer and editorial review. Three papers were accepted for presentation and publication. All of these have a strong focus on how to respond optimally when organizations and individuals are successfully cyber-attacked. Hence, despite initial submissions on a range of significant topics, the final shape of this year’s minitrack emphasizes the role of communication in cybercrime research.