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A multivariate approach to the identification of initial smart specialisations of Polish voivodeships
(Equilibrium, 2020) Bal-Domańska, Beata; Sobczak, Elżbieta; Stańczyk, Elżbieta; Wroclaw University of Economics and Business; Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny we Wrocławiu; Statistical Office in Wrocław
Research background: The identification of smart specialisations should be based on information allowing the identification of resources and capital in the regions, which constitute the unique value of the area providing for the development of competitive advantages based on innovations and achievements in the research and development activities. Purpose of the article: The key goal is to present the proposal to use an aggregate (synthetic) measure for the purpose of identifying regional development potentials and next the initial smart specialisations (RSS). This approach is particularly useful at the very initial stage of recognizing the potential in the region, and ? after some modifications ? may offer a useful tool for assembling the de-velopment of industries (services) in the region. The additional goals are: (1) to organize the knowledge regarding statistical approaches and selected methods to be used in the process of identifying initial smart specialisations in regions (RSS); (2) exemplification of the presented methodology for the initial regional smart specialisations (RSS) identification in voivodeships in Poland based on a multivariate approach. Methods: Multivariate statistical analysis (MSA) methods are used in the identification procedure of initial regional smart specialisations (RSS), which allowed for performing the assessment in 4 areas: resources and capital; specialisation; development potential (dynamics); the involvement in research and development and innovative activities. They can also be extended with additional dimensions related to the cooperation of enterprises with social or environmental priorities. Findings & Value added: The conducted procedure allowed identifying NACE rev. 2 divisions useful in determining development potentials in Polish regions and later the initial smart specialisations (RSS). The identified initial RSS for Polish voivodeships can be a starting point for building regional smart specialisations based on values supply chain or other premises. Due to the universal nature of the proposed methodology, it can be widely used at the level of subregions, regions and the EU countries