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Rozwój morskiej energetyki wiatrowej w państwach Unii Europejskiej – stan obecny i wyznaczone cele
(Biuro Analiz Sejmowych, 2023-07) Adamiec, Danuta; Biuro Analiz Sejmowych
The article explores the offshore wind energy development in the EU Member States in the context of targets set at the EU and national levels. The author begins with presenting the current state of affairs in the offshore wind energy sector in the world and in the EU. Next, the development of offshore wind energy in Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands, as the leaders in the sector in the EU, is discussed, with the focus on regulatory environment and future development ambitions. Finally, an overview of the situation in the Polish offshore wind energy sector is provided. The author points to some potential regulatory and market bottlenecks that could hamper the development of the sector, which at present is of pivotal importance for environmental and energy security reasons.
Znaczenie koncepcji slow city w budowaniu zrównoważonego rozwoju małych miast w Polsce
(Biuro Analiz Sejmowych, 2022-10) Farelnik, Eliza; Uniwersytet Warmińsko-Mazurski w Olsztynie
The aim of the article is to present the process of using the slow city concept in Poland in the context of the key determinants of the development of small towns and to show the potential and directions of development of Cittaslow towns. The research was based on a critical analysis of the literature and strategic documents of the local development policy of Cittaslow towns. To compare the level of development of Cittaslow towns, a synthetic indicator of the socio-economic potential and the indicator of the quality of life were used. The first section describes the paradigm of sustainable development and the development challenges of small towns in Poland. The second section discusses the assumptions of the slow city and the determinants of the process of its implementation. The next section focuses on the socio-economic potential of Cittaslow towns and possible directions of their development. The last section assesses examples of cooperation between towns belonging to the Polish National Cittaslow Network.
Edukacja matematyczna w Polsce w świetle badań i wyników egzaminów zewnętrznych – wybrane aspekty społeczne
(Biuro Analiz Sejmowych, 2022-08) Baczko-Dombi, Anna; Uniwersytet Warszawski
The aim of this paper is to describe the current state of selected mathematical achievements of Polish students and the most significant social aspects related to mathematical education and its role in the contemporary world. First, the importance of mathematical competences will be discussed with their role in the curriculum of young people entering the labour market. Then, a diagnosis of the state of mathematics teaching in Poland and the results of key educational research conducted in this field (mainly PIAAC, PISA, TIMSS, and the results of external exams in Poland) will be presented. Finally, the so-called non-cognitive aspects related to mathematical education, such as math anxiety or the role of stereotypes, will be discussed.
Cultural and creative sectors in the COVID-19 pandemic crisis
(Biuro Analiz Sejmowych, 2022-03) Zygierewicz, Anna
Cultural and creative sectors were among the sectors most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Imposed limitations and restrictions caused cancellation of events and activities, constraints on artists’ and creators’ mobility, and others. The European Union and its Member States provide guidelines for recovery of the sectors together with innovative solutions and financial support, they also promote digitalisation of the sector to allow it to reach audiences. The article presents the situation of the cultural and creative sectors affected by the crisis, and efforts, particularly at the level of the EU and the Member States, to support the recovery of the sectors.
Między literą prawa a praktyką. Reakcje na odgórne regulacje związane z rozprzestrzenianiem się COVID-19 w latach 2020 i 2021
(Biuro Analiz Sejmowych, 2022-03) Karkowska, Marta; Instytut Filozofii i Socjologii Polskiej Akademii Nauk
The subject of the article is an analysis of individual perception and effectiveness of legal acts adopted in Poland in relation to the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The presented analyses concern the ways of actual implementation of selected top-down recommendations, bans, orders and restrictions on staying in the public space in relation to the spread of COVID-19. The aim of the article is to present the ways in which state-wide regulations were perceived and adopted by representatives of the Polish society between March 2020 and July 2021. In this context, the author discusses the specificity of these regulations, the variability and continuity of attitudes towards them, but also the impact of different factors on the perception and implementation of the most important normative acts. The analyses are based on data and research materials obtained from qualitative research projects conducted in 2020 and 2021 on the social impact of the pandemic.