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Między wyrażalnym a niewyrażalnym. Kazimierza Wierzyńskiego filozofia słowa w tomie Sen mara
(Towarzystwo Doktorantów UJ, 2016) Urbańska, Paulina; Uniwersytet Warszawski
The article discusses the late poetry of Kazimierz Wierzyński, and in particular the last volume Sen mara from 1969. It also contextually recalls two poetry collections of the writer: Tkanka ziemi (1960) and Kufer na plecach (1964). These three volumes are the expression of a variety of changes that have occurred in the late poetry of Wie- rzyński. In these collections, especially in the volume Sen mara, Kazimierz Wierzyński takes under consideration the philosophy of words. In his poetical works the writer was looking for answers to fundamental existential questions. Awareness of their lack and the experience of emptiness of language, a sense of its reference untruth and cognitive infirmity made that Wierzyński left behind one of the most original testimonies in Polish poetry of the twentieth century searching the narrow area between the expressible and the inexpressible.
Podobne niepodobieństwo. Kazimierz Wierzyński i Albert Camus
(Towarzystwo Doktorantów UJ, 2016) Roś, Joanna; Uniwersytet Warszawski
In connection with the celebration of the hundredth birth anniversary of the French- -Algerian writer Albert Camus (1913–1960), and the one hundred and twentieth anniversary of birth of the Polish poet Kazimierz Wierzyński (1894–1969) Joanna Roś analyzes the place occupied by Wierzyński among other prominent Polish poets of the twentieth century, who perpetuated the character and work of Camus in their poetry. The author not only makes extensive interpretation of the Wierzyński’s poems which were devoted to Camus or using motifs of his works, but also points to the similarities between their work in general. To share clues, emerging during simultaneous reading of Camus and Wierzyński, she presents moments and passages, where, in her opinion, they meet, sometimes relying on fun with literary tropes.
Anhelli Juliusza Słowackiego w świetle odczytań modernistycznych. Mistyczna perspektywa recepcji poematu
(Towarzystwo Doktorantów UJ, 2016) Chilińska, Milena; Uniwersytet Warszawski
The Romantic poem Anhelli by Juliusz Słowacki has become a popular national consciousness pattern that powerfully influenced the work of modernism artists. Modernist criticism rehabilitated the good name of Anhelli, which was incomprehensible for its contemporaries. Romantic critics and authors of comments, including Zygmunt Krasiński and Cyprian Kamil Norwid, accused the poem of inconsistency on ideological and stylistic terms – alike. The views presented in the article show change in the opinions about Słowacki’s poem over the ages – from the unflattering judgments in the Romantic period, to more favorable modernist studies. Based on these opinions, it can be concluded that Anhelli became a landmark testimony of nascent mysticism. The idea of mysticism has already been deeply rooted in Anhelli. The modernists wanted to treat Anhelli as a mystical poem, because Słowacki’s poem realized artistic and philosophical aesthetic pattern. Romantic and modernist views are a testament to changing reception of the poem over the ages. The analysis of the material shows a reorientation of opinions about the Słowacki work. The approach change is also a testament of idea that the modernists read Anhelli through the prism of the latest author’s works and include that poem in the circle of mystical heritage of Słowacki. In this perspective, Anhelli becomes a work that exceeds the boundaries of Romanticism. Anhelli also becomes a work in which modernist artists are supported in their own anxieties and aesthetic aspirations.
Kto może zostać patronem opactwa Kilka uwag o budowaniu pamięci historycznej w opactwie Saint-Denis w XII wieku
(Towarzystwo Doktorantów UJ, 2016) Bogusz, Marcin; Uniwersytet Warszawski
In the Middle Ages it was not obvious that even the greatest collection of relics or the most rich grants for the abbey would make it a powerful and considerate unit. Example of the Abbey of Saint-Denis located near Paris shows that history, creation of false documents and narratives related to the monastery had the greatest importance for building up ideological and real power. This article aims to show how the monks of Saint-Denis built the prestige of their house by manipulating history. This manipulation is shown with an example of creatingthe false memory of Charlemagne. From the time of Abbot Suger (1122–1151) come two forgeries attributed to the emperor. Questions about the role of Charlemagne in shaping the past of the abbey and the reasons for finally shifting it to Dagobert and Charles the Bald show very well how the past shaped the vision of the human reality of the Middle Ages.
Pomoc państwa dla mediów publicznych w prawie Unii Europejskiej
(Towarzystwo Doktorantów UJ, 2016) Miedzińska, Iwona; Uniwersytet Warszawski
Przedmiotem artykułu są regulacje unijne dotyczące dozwolonej pomocy udzielanej mediom publicznym przez państwa członkowskie Unii Europejskiej oraz praktyka ich stosowania. Celem badań jest weryfikacja następującej tezy: prawo Unii Europejskiej w sposób ogólny reguluje kwestie dozwolonej pomocy państwa dla mediów publicznych, natomiast szczegółowe wytyczne formułowane są ad causum, w wyniku kontroli Komisji Europejskiej i pod wpływem orzecznictwa Trybunału Sprawiedliwości Unii Europejskiej. W pierwszej części autorka przedstawi regulacje unijne obowiązujące w przedmiotowej dziedzinie. Istotne znaczenie dla sektorowych zasad udzielania i kontroli pomocy państwa w obszarze radiofonii i telewizji ma komunikat Komisji z 2009 roku w sprawie stosowania zasad pomocy państwa wobec radiofonii i telewizji publicznej (Dz. Urz. UE C 257 z dnia 27 października 2009 roku). Następnie omówione zostaną wybrane orzeczenia Trybunału Sprawiedliwości Unii Europejskiej, istotne z punktu widzenia zasad udzielania przez państwo pomocy dla mediów publicznych.