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Unia Europejska wobec zagrożenia terroryzmem – od Maastricht do Lizbony
(Instytut Zachodni, 2016-11) Ostant, Witold; Instytut Zachodni
Akcesja Polski do Unii Europejskiej na łamach prasy regionalnej Ziem Zachodnich
(Wydawnictwo Naukowe Uniwersytetu Szczecińskiego, 2012) Olechowska, Paulina; Uniwersytet Szczeciński
Monograph has interdisciplinary character, politology and media science. Th e object of research is analysis of contents of daily regional newspapers (from three voivodeships: West Pomeranian, Lubusz and Lower Silesian), which was published from may 2002 to may 2004, in the period of government polish campaign before referendum and information operations before polish membership to European Union. Important disparities among texts at the nature information and publicism, that high level of reporting characterized press at description of polish accession to EU. In all publicistic materials from 13 journals of regional polish Western Lands in positive attitude prevailed. Introduced data confi rm put in this work hypothesis, that fi rst of all, economical arguments of benefi ts polish accession to EU. Th e number of press publication was correlated about union topic with calendar of important event in attitudes between Poland and EU. Aft er announcement of result of referendum in analyzed press interest of EU problems has undergone. Number of publication was almost twice bigger before referendum than in period among aft er referendum but before Polnish accession to EU. Publicists of regional newspapers were convicted, that new period of common history will be started at 1 may 2004. Oft en repeated motto ‘communities of interests’. On the Polnish-Germans border area, accession was one of many instruments, which created our relationships.
Samorządowe dochody podatkowe w wybranych państwach Unii Europejskiej
(Biuro Analiz Sejmowych, 2021-05) Korolewska, Monika; Biuro Analiz Sejmowych
The article looks at the issue of local taxation in 22 selected European countries, members of OECD, as well as the European Union member states. The author analyses the importance of local taxes for regional and local governments measured by the share of tax revenues received by these governments as a percentage of GDP and percentage of total tax revenues. She also presents the structure of local tax revenues. The study is based on the OECD revenue and taxes in Europe database.
Tłumacz – negocjator. O tłumaczeniu hybrydowych tekstów Unii Europejskiej
(Wydawnictwo Naukowe Akademii Techniczno-Humanistycznej, 2019) Brom, Przemysław; Akademia Techniczno-Humanistyczna w Bielsku-Białej
Translator as an negotiator. About the translation of European Union hybrid texts In this article a question is asked about the translators’ role in the multilingual society of European Union. An assumption is made that the translator takes on the role of an intercultural negotiator (or conciliator), whose task is to negotiate such final version of translation, which is mistake-free and in accordance with EU standardisation processes. It is shown, on the examples from EU-texts, how difficult task it is and how often this leads to the forming of hybrid texts - texts, which have characteristics typical not for one, but two (or more) cultures and because of it are viewed as odd in all of them.
Zatrudnienie migrantek z Polski w sektorze opieki domowej w wybranych państwach członkowskich Unii Europejskiej
(Biuro Analiz Sejmowych, 2019-12) Matuszczyk, Kamil; Uniwersytet Warszawski