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Międzypokoleniowy przekaz wartości i wizji dobrego życia w rodzinie. Porównanie perspektyw młodych dorosłych i ich rodziców
(Biuro Analiz Sejmowych, 2023-10) Kajta, Justyna; Pustułka, Paula; Uniwersytet SWPS w Warszawie
Polycrisis reality has introduced a novel context for examining the evolving values and daily functioning of individuals and families. By juxtaposing the visions of a good life and values of two family generations, the article investigates what young Poles and their parents consider to be important in their lives. The article begins with a literature review dedicated to intergenerational transmission of values and conceptual framings of “good life.” Drawing on data from 70 interviews (involving 35 family dyads) conducted in 2021, the empirical analysis focuses on five primary categories that emerged from the participants’ narratives regarding “good life” and values, namely: health, self-identity, family and friends, material and financial well-being, and the social contract. The article contributes to identifying the degree of intergenerational similarities and differences, as well as the crucial role of family in transmitting values and shaping visions of a good life.
The safety of functionaries in the special units of prison service and its influence on family life
(Akadémia ozbrojených síl gen. M. R. Štefánika Liptovský Mikuláš, 2012-10-05) Piotrowski, Andrzej; Poklek, Robert; Uniwersytet Gdański; COSSW
The article presents the results of researches conducted in order to establish the level of the sense of safeness in The Intervention Group of Prison Service. This unit Has been established in 2010 as a special unit whose aim is to prevent extraordinary occurrences, the liquidation of the results of such events as well as completing very demanding and dangerous task in penitentiary institution. According to conducted researches, the functionaries from special units characterize with quite high level of the sense of safeness as well as its components whose origin can be observed in the effective selection and high level of the permanent training. So high level of sense of safety on the workplace influences also the stability of the family ties.