Poland's strategic potential and capabilities to respond to CBRN threats

Objectives: The article includes a systemic analysis of Poland's potential and response capabilities to chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) threats. As a result of the conducted research, the dominant threats, technological resources, legal framework and socio-political reactions related to CBRN incidents in Poland were shown. In addition, Poland's technological capabilities in the detection of chemical agents, gamma and nucleoids were presented. The important role of protective clothing in responding to CBRN threats was emphasized. Material and methods: In order to implement the adopted research assumptions, the method of analysis was used consisting in quantitative and qualitative analysis of the content contained in the analyzed documents, literature, legal acts, their ordering and interpretation in terms of the research objective. Results: The article highlights the multifaceted nature of the Polish approach, which includes understanding CBRN threats, investing in advanced detection technologies, ensuring the security of response through protective equipment, implementing robust civil protection measures, and adhering to a comprehensive legal framework. The discussion additionally sheds light on the key role of international cooperation in the Polish CBRN strategy. Basically, the article presents Polish preparations as a comprehensive approach combining technological knowledge, legal infrastructure, public security measures Conclusions: Poland's strategic preparation for potential CBRN incidents is an ongoing process. While significant progress has been made, the constantly evolving nature of CBRN threats requires a continuous commitment to policy improvement, technological innovation, capacity building and international cooperation.
Szklarski, Ł. (2024). Poland's strategic potential and capabilities to respond to CBRN threats. Journal of Modern Science, 56(2), 437-464. https://doi.org/10.13166/jms/188731
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