Keyboard as a Stimulator in Timbre Recognition Training

This paper presents the results of a research conducted in a group of Youth Palace in Olsztyn participants. Two different keyboards were used in the experiment to teach how to recognize the timbres of selected musical instruments. Obtained results clearly showed that musical education with the use of keyboards significantly develops timbre hearing of children and youth. The research group performed much better in the tests in comparison with the control group. A danger appearing during this kind of training is the listener getting used to a given timbre (sample). Big part of psychoacoustic research is limited to acoustic stimuli not related to the art of music in a real way, which does not allow the use of this type of research and stimuli in musical didactics. The experiment presented in this paper is based on generating musical sounds that have worked well in education.
A. Rosiński, Keyboard as a Stimulator in Timbre Recognition Training, in: 20th International Conference on Cognition and Exploratory Learning in the Digital Age (CELDA 2023) Proceedings, D.G. Sampson, D. Ifenthaler, P. Isaías (ed.), IADIS Press, 2023, s. 321‒328.