Wizerunek Polski w światowej infosferze. Stan obecny i postulaty

An authorized transcript of the debate concerning Poland’s image in the global infosphere Małgorzata Samojedny and Grzegorz Lewicki emphasized the importance of a positive perception of Poland for an effective conduct of foreign policy. Both speakers point to a tangible change Poland’s image in th global infosphere has undergone after the outbreak of war in Ukraine. With regard to the information policy, Grzegorz Lewicki thinks its conduct and management should be prudent and judicious, while the content should suit the tastes, skills and expertise of the audience. Małgorzata Samojedny has argued that Three Seas Initiative project is a way to boost Poland’s perception abroad. Zdzisław Krasnodębski, on the other hand, sees the essence of creating a positive image of a given community in its compliance with certain objective characteristics. When it however comes to a group perception, a dilemma which individual behavior should be taken as representative of the whole group comes to the fore. In his opinion, there exists a number of narratives, persistent and negative, detrimental to Poles, which could be attributed not so much to ignorance, but rather to conflicting interests.
Wizerunek Polski w światowej infosferze. Stan obecny i postulaty. Zapis debaty z udziałem Zdzisława Krasnodębskiego, Grzegorza Lewickiego i Małgorzaty Samojedny. Wolni i Solidarni. Między Ideą a Praktyką, 2023, nr 2, ss. 27-63
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