Buforowość jako wyznacznik polityki zagranicznej Jordanii

The article analyses the Jordanian foreign policy with a primary focus on Jordan’s status as a buffer state. This characteristic can be regarded as a key determinant of the foreign policy, which not only defines vital interests of the monarchy, but also shapes its behaviour in the international arena and impacts on its domestic scene. Consequently, main trends in the Jordanian foreign policy are explored: moderation, quest for regional modus vivendi and long-standing alliance with the West. The author also indicates that with a relative scarcity of natural resources and weak economy, foreign policy becomes a strategic national asset of Jordan, a tool of domestic legitimacy for the political regime, and evidence of interlinked state interests and dynastic ambitions of the Hashemite family. The article concludes that despite regional turmoil in the wake of the Arab revolts, Jordan remains relatively stable and is skillfully playing its diplomatic card in order to gain leeway on the domestic front.
A. Malantowicz, "Buforowość jako wyznacznik polityki zagranicznej Jordanii", Stosunki Międzynarodowe-International Relations, nr 1 (t. 49), 2014, s. 137-150
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