O elementach gwarowych w siedemnastowiecznych nazwiskach z parafii Daleszyce

This article contains an analysis of 17th-century proto-names from the area of the Daleszyce parish (Świętokrzyskie voivodship, Kielce poviat) for the presence of phonetic dialectal characteris cs. The research material was excerpted from the manuscripts of four parish registers (records of birth) written in Latin. The analysis showed that the examined anthroponymic material was a storage of various phone c characteris cs throughout the 17th c. The Daleszyce historical anthroponyms recorded typically Lesser Polish features (the shi from -ch to -k in the fi nal posi on), Masovian features (fl uctua ons in the ge : g’e, ke : k’e groups; hardening of l’), Masovian and Greater Polish features (fl uctua ons in the -ew-/-ow- groups), and general dialectal features (Masurian influences and the presence of prosthe c consonants). The analysed material contained also various manifestations of hypercorrection with respect to dialectal forms, such as e.g. the so-called szadzenie, removal of h- and j- in the ini al posi on heard as forms with prothesis, secondary nasalisa on of e in posi ons other than ones arising from the phone c assimila on to the neighbouring nasal consonants. This article might fill, to an extent, the gap in the anthroponymic research on the Kielce region in the 17th c.
Łojek, A. (2023). O elementach gwarowych w siedemnastowiecznych nazwiskach z parafii Daleszyce. Poradnik Językowy, 2, 77-90.
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