Reply to Disclosure Scandals in Romania: Political Parties and the Romanian Orthodox Church

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dc.contributor.authorMica, Adriana
dc.contributor.organizationPolish Academy of Sciencespl_PL
dc.description.abstractIn this paper the evolution of specific types of scandals within the field of transitional justice in Romania is shown. Furthermore, the study makes an inquiry into the reactions of different actors, socio-professional categories and organizations to the implementation of the disclosure law in Romania and to the flourishing of several legislative proposals on lustration and decommunization in the years following the 1989 anti-communist revolution. The actors under scrutiny are main political parties and the Romanian Orthodox Church respectively. The cases under review indicate that scandal is a quite versatile institution, and that the outcome of the disclosure scandals might as well be the advancement of disclosure and lustration measures, as well as also the hampering of such initiatives.pl_PL
dc.description.epersonAdriana Mica
dc.identifier.citationMica, Adriana (2009) Reply to Disclosure Scandals in Romania Political Parties and the Romanian Orthodox Church. "Polish Sociological Review" (1) 165: 39-61pl_PL
dc.identifier.issn1231 – 1413
dc.publisherPolish Sociological Associationpl_PL
dc.rightsUznanie autorstwa 3.0 Polska
dc.subjecttransitional justicepl_PL
dc.subjectRomanian Orthodox Churchpl_PL
dc.titleReply to Disclosure Scandals in Romania: Political Parties and the Romanian Orthodox Churchpl_PL
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