The Determinants of Satisfaction of Tourist Attractions’ Visitors

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dc.contributor.authorNowacki, Marek
dc.contributor.organizationEugeniusz Piasecki University of Physical Education in Poznańen
dc.description.abstractThe publication concerns visitors’ attractions as the primary aim of tourist trips and the primary component of the tourism system. The central issue addressed in the book can be formulated as the following question: what are the features of visitors’ attractions and the visitors features that determine visitors’ satisfaction. The paper consists of the theory part and the empirical study. As a result of theoretical investigation, a number of conclusions concerning the nature and concept of visitors’ attractions were formulated. Questionnaire surveys were conducted among visitors of four attractions located in the West Poland (N = 1770): the Archaeological Festival in Biskupin, the Museum of Agriculture in Szreniawa, the Agricultural Museum in Dziekanowice and the Zoological Garden in Poznań. It was found, that visitors' satisfaction is determined by two main groups of factors: subject-related (visitors’ features) and object-related (attraction features). The subject-related factors determining satisfaction include gender, age, education, size of the place of residence, distance from the place of residence, acquaintance with the attraction and the frequency of visiting similar attractions, interest in the subject matter related to the attraction, being part of a sightseeing group, motivations – especially related to benefits in terms of education, relaxation and a sense of authenticity. Attraction features that determine visitors’ satisfaction include exhibitions containing vivid interpretations, shows, intriguing show-pieces, dioramas, live animals and animal paddocks resembling real-life conditions, authentic and nostalgia-provoking buildings and interiors. As a result of structural equation modelling, a number of correlations within the model of satisfaction and visitor intention determinants were identified. The segmentation of visitors was developed based on the benefits they gain from visiting attractions. In the analysis, five visitors’ segments were received.en
dc.description.epersonMarek Nowacki
dc.rightsUznanie autorstwa 3.0 Polskapl_PL
dc.subjectheritage attractionen
dc.subjectvisitor attractionen
dc.subjecttourist attractionen
dc.titleThe Determinants of Satisfaction of Tourist Attractions’ Visitorsen
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